Filtermedien Auswertung

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If you are you unsure about the filtration characteristics of your solid-liquid suspension or need to validate the filtration flux rate for equipment specification, Filtration services can advise or assist as required. Filtration Services Ltd provide in-house and on-site filtration testing using a range of laboratory apparatus. Using this apparatus Filtration Services can simulate a rotary drum vacuum filter on a representative 5 litre sample. This is a common procedure which is used first of all to determine if this method of filtration is suitable for the material sample. If the laboratory test shows promise, data points can be recorded and analysed to determine the flux rate of the material through this media. Using this information Filtration Services can size process equipment to suit production demands while offering flexibility in design to work around any issues that may arise, spatial constraints or ATEX requirements for example.

The data obtained form this type of test work can be used to optimise filter performance, establish filtration flux profiles, select filter media and used in equipment selection and  scale-up. For continuous on-site tests please click the following link to be directed to information on equipment hire.


Poor filter performance can often be a result of incorrect media selection. Filtration Services have many years experience in media specification and can provide assistance in choosing the correct filter medium for your application. This could either be done by using knowledge and previous experience with the same or similar suspensions, or if the rare cicumstance of a new application arises, laboratory testwork can be conducted to determine the optimum media selection. The filter medium is the key to filter performance – after all, it is the point where the solids are separated from the liquid.